Impact Coating™

Super durable edges on countertops

Powder coating wood is our specialty, but we are constantly searching for, testing, and refining new methods to coat wood products. We’re often asked if there is a coating for wood that is chemical resistant, has superior durability, and most importantly, is high-impact resistant. We’re happy to say that we’ve found such a coating, and that it allows us to maintain our commitment to environmentally sound practices.

We wanted to find a great finish that could be used for wood counter tops, and store fixtures in the point-of-purchase industry. After a great deal of time and research, we discovered a system which allowed us to apply a finish that will work great in schools, stores, homes, or anywhere impact and chemical resistance is important. And is available in virtually any color.

The perfect solution for any project requiring high impact resistance

Impact Coating™ is perfect for:

  • School countertops
  • Workbench countertops
  • Point of Purchase displays
  • Any product that requires high impact resistance

Impact Coating™ combines polyurethane and polyurea to bring you a great coating that has a Shore D Hardness of 55+ and an impact resistance per ft/lbs of 4.5 (i.e.: You could take a hammer to your coated wood product with virtually no effect!). While most folks are not going to take a hammer to their brand new investment, it’s great to know that it your product will withstand the most strenuous and rigorous use and abuse. The core of your investment will remain safe behind a coating that serves as a high impact resistant shield.

Impact Coating™ is also chemical resistant and shows no signs of damage from gasoline, methanol, hexane, and hydraulic oil. An added bonus is water resistance. Imagine, the strength and durability of a coating used for truck beds applied to your wood products!

Environmentally responsible

Impact Coating™ is 100% solvent free, does not emit volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.s) or chlorofluorocarbon derivatives (C.F.C.s), and meets the standards and requirements of the FDA and USDA for incidental food contact. This coating is considered 100% solid, even though it is liquid. It’s safe to say that this is a “green” coating. If you’re looking for a finish that will stand up over time to heavy use, Impact Coating™ is just what you need for your job. Contact us today for more information.