Powder Coating Wood Makes Products Look Better and Last Longer

Powder coating technology has been primarily dedicated to providing metal finishing. It was rather recently discovered, however, that powder on wood works very well also. This new finish for wood came about only after numerous tests and experiments were conducted. Like most materials, wood products need a layer of protection. Powder finishes have emerged as one of the best coatings for wood because of its protective properties.

Part of the reason why it took a while to develop a way for powder coating on wood is that the properties, especially of natural wood, would not accommodate the processes involved. Fortunately, MDF (medium density fiberboard) is more receptive to the coating process. The powder material works perfectly for MDF. The powder makes for better looking, textured boards without compromising the hardness of the boards themselves. The powder, MDF combination is sure to produce better looking and more durable ranges of products in cabinets, shelving, and furniture lines.

What are the advantages of finishing your furniture, cabinets, shelving and other wood materials or components with powder? There are numerous benefits to wood powder coating. Wood is a great material for most household and business needs. It offers durability and can be used for longer periods of time. Powder coated wood is less costly than other natural wood products and also provides a more polished looking surface. Powder coat wood helps protect the wood from the UV rays of the sun, water, and stains. Powder treated surfaces also protect the wood better from daily wear and tear making coated products more economical and durable. The color options for the finish are nearly unlimited. There are a variety of colors to choose from for ultimate personalization and customization within your home, garage, office, or business. Just remember that the furniture or wood materials in your home or office are investments. Decisions about appropriate finishes and wood types should be vetted carefully.

Another benefit of wood powder coated is that it does not harm or negatively affect the environment in anyway. MDF is comprised of processed wood fibers compacted into boards. These are manufactured due to the growing scarcity of lumber. Using MDF prevents the need for excessively chopping down rainforests. Powder on wood also helps products last longer. This translates to saving more trees from being cut just to sustain an industry’s need for more wood.

A good powder coating company that provides quality products and services can be found quite easily. Recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers are usually pretty good, however, be sure to research all the options yourself. Once the best company to work with has been found, contact them and give the specifications needed for your project. Be sure to let the company know what you want and what you intend to use the finished materials for. GCC Coatings has been powder coating wood for decades. Their superior knowledge and expertise will make your project run much easier and produce a great looking end product.

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