Powder Coating Wood

Powder coating wood is a specialized process that requires the use of proper material, precision machining, careful preparation and a unique powder coating system. We combine all of these in a process that ensures high quality powder-coated wood components.

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The primary material used in powder coating wood is MDF (medium density fiberboard). However, not all MDF products can be used. We must use MDF with an internal bond strength of more than 130 pounds per square inch (psi), which is critical due to the heating and cooling of the MDF during the powdering process. In addition, the moisture content of the MDF must be within 5 to 7 percent to maintain optimum coating.


Precision CNC routers and proper tooling are also required to ensure high quality products at competitive prices. Off-the-shelf tooling, as well as custom tooling, is engineered and manufactured to perform multiple operations in one single pass to save time and money.


The finished product is only as good as the preparation. Consistent preparation of the MDF is critical in the operation of powder-coated wood. Automated edge sanding machinery and denibbing sanders are used to assure a consistent finish on the face, corners and edges of each piece.

The Powder Coating Process

Our automated system was specifically designed for our unique process of powder coating wood. Parts are hung on a moving track, where they are preheated in a short catalytic Infrared oven. After preheating, the parts enter a spray booth, where the powder is applied using automatic sprayers, which ensure consistent thickness of the powder, critical to achieve high quality parts. Once powder has been applied, the parts go through the gel oven, which also uses catalytic infrared ovens. When heated, the powder turns to a gel, flows and bonds to the MDF, and finally cures to an extremely durable finish.

The most common question we get asked

I didn’t know wood can be powder coated. How do you get the powder to stick to the board?

That’s a great question. Most people ask because they know that when metal is powder coated, the powder is statically charged and the metal part is grounded, creating an attraction. Our process is very similar, with one key difference. We are able to use the moisture in the wood to carry the ground through the line. As you can imagine, the process can be tricky, but the result is remarkable. If you are looking for a beautiful finish that is extremely durable and will stand the test of time, powder coated wood is a great solution.

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