Powder Coating Services

We are a full-service shop, offering the following:

  • Engineering of parts or products
  • State-of-the-art CNC machining capabilities and computerized operations, along with automated sanding equipment.
  • Powder coating MDF, using our Wagner Automatic Powder Coating Equipment, custom engineered to be the most sophisticated system available to control powder thickness, which is critical to powder coating wood. We also use Vulcan Catalytic Infrared ovens, which allows us to heat only the surface of the board—as opposed to soak heating the board using convection heat, which can compromise the integrity of the MDF.
  • In addition to MDF, we produce parts and/or products out of many other materials such as melamine, wood, solid surface etc.
  • We maintain a customer-oriented service attitude with a relatively small shop (25 employees), but we have large shop capabilities.

If we can help you, or you’re just looking for more information, please contact us.

In addition to our powder coating equipment, we have an extensive list of equipment at your disposal, including:

  • Two Flat Table CNC Routers
  • One Pod CNC Router
  • CNC Dowel Drill / Inserter
  • CNC Beam Saw
  • Fladder Sanders
  • Belt Sanders
  • Full Liquid Finishing Capabilities
  • Edge Bander